Strategist. Speaker.
Coffee Fanatic.

Hello! I am Daniel Kedinger – a creative strategist with a knack for nuanced problem-solving. Creative leader by day, Father of Five and Apple Fan by night. I enjoy shaping strategies and seamlessly shifting perspectives for clients and cohorts alike. For groups, companies and classes, I speak on the intersection of ceativity, technology, and people.

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Work Experience

The Company I Keep

MESH, Director of Creative & Digital

I am currently in charge of agency product teams including design, copy, development, and digital marketing as well as sit on the agency executive leadership team.


BBR, VP Consumer Engagement

I was responsible for the successful development and management of activation strategies for client brands and spearheaded digital transformation for clients.


Crucé Design, Founder/Lead Geek

I founded a boutique design and development agency focused on serving small businesses, non-profits, and agencies.

Keynote Speaker

Things Worth Talking About

With 19+ years of industry experience I can speak on a variety of topics, but what I enjoy most is helping people problem solve whether that is a campaign challenge, team exercise or professional development. I have done guest lectures to college students, spoken to a variety of industry professionals as well as small business owners.


Brand & Digital Strategy

Developing a brand's creative or digital strategy is more than just strategies and tactics. It requires understanding what internal and external stakeholders value most.

Leadership & Team Dynamics

After leading teams of creatives, marketers, and developers I have learned that communication is crucial but empathy is the special sauce to true creativity.

Digital Ecosystems & Analytics

Today's marketing landscape is more than just a website and a social media presence, it requires considering that consumers want different channels for different levels of engagement and measuring that is not easy.

Innovation & Education

My career has taught me many things, but most importantly that to consistently innovate you must be a constant student. New ideas come from the most unlikely places and fostering that is a skill.


"To seek the highest good is to live well." Saint Augustine

The Kedinger Family

I am made better by my amazing wife and 5 children. They keep me laughing and provide me an opportunity to provide endless dad jokes.

Family is extremely important to me and I believe that harmony between our professional and personal lives is crucial to success. I say harmony instead work-life balance because I think balance implies opposite sides of the scale instead of seeing a person as a sum total of their experiences.

Pourover Coffee Brewing with a Chemex

"Let them have coffee before meditation." - Fulton Sheen

Brewing coffee in the morning can offer a serene moment of mindfulness, as the rhythmic process of grinding beans, the soothing sound of brewing, and the rich aroma create a tranquil environment.

Coffee is also a wonderful catalyst for shared moments, bringing people together over a comforting cup, fostering connection and conversation in the warmth of its embrace.

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The Book Cover for the Cult of Mac

All Things Apple

Some people may have an Apple sticker on their car or others stick figures for their family, but I have 7 Apple stickers to let everyone know that we truly are an Apple household.

An image that depicts a mobile device and home automation

Smart Home Automation

While getting a few smart bulbls and an Alexa can start you on the journey, I have fallen completely down the rabbit hole and enjoy automating as many mundane tasks around our house as possible. And in true Dad fashion I can turn all the lights of in the house automatically when I leave. 😎

A person watching tv in the Plex app

Movies & TV

I enjoy storytelling and that usually means a good movie or tv show that I can sink my brain into and enjoy the human experience.

I tend to be pretty genre agnostic but I tend to lean towards SciFi, Action, and Documentaries.

WIRED magazine cover

Magazines & Books

Spending hours on a computer every day really makes me craze the printed page when possible. I enjoy reading magazines liked WIRED, Inc, and Fast Company. I also tend to get lost in a good SciFi book that usually has some angle about humanity and their fight against hopelessness in a post-apocalyptic world.

Malcom GladwellSimon SinekTodd HenryNilay Patel

With a commute of an hour or so a couple times a week I have become an avid podcast listener. Some of my favorite are here (left to right). Malcom Galdwell with Revisionist History, Simone Sinek and A Bit of Optimism, Todd Henry and The Accidental Creative, and Nilay Patel with Decoder. I also fill in the gaps with WIRED's Gadget Lab, TED Radio Hour, Work Life by Adam Grant, and DarkNet Diaries.

How Can I Help?

Now that you know a little about me, I would love to get to know you and your challenges.